textler began as a universal data base that worked with text messaging. 
Today, our mobile data system is the engine for reliable vertical software.

How can Textler help you go mobile?

Our extensive experience with tablets and mobile devices can increase your sales through both mobile and desktop connections while speeding your system to market. Textler custom systems are secure and, for healthcare providers, HIPAA compliant.  Engineered in Python – the language used by Faceboook and Google – Textler solutions are hosted on Linux-based cloud servers that scale up quickly and economically.  

Two of our favorite projects


This revolutionary wound management system improves patient care, lowers costs and provides better management tools for nursing homes. The Fastcare system collects wound data, generates reports for nursing homes, and sends product orders to Gentell -- all in a HIPAA-compliant system operateng on a wireless tablet.  Fastcare is part of a complete wound care solution from Gentell, Inc., a Bristol, PA manufacturer of wound and skin care products.

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Video Demo for Wound Care

Fastcare Mobile
Product Catalog
interface optimized for tablets


Discover the mobile web.   fonesite is a wiki list of mobile sites that you can pin to your personal collection.  Explore web sites designed for phones, or make your own collection of mobile web sites that you can access on other phones, tablets, e-readers or TVs.  The mobile web is free, and it offers sites from every major magazine and travel company, plus help finding restaurants, WiFi, cheap gas and more.  No app installation required. 
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